Someone along the way said we had to have an About Us page, so here goes. If you want the short version, you can scroll straight to the list below, but if you are a furniture geek like we are, then read on.....



First and foremost, we are a furniture store. But it’s not that simple. Furniture, or rather furnishings, isn’t just what we sell. It’s what we love. Or maybe it would be better to say that it’s what we’re obsessed with. And did I mention that we've been at this for 16 years?

We are serious about sofas and chairs, and with good reason: they are some of the most crucial purchases you will make for your home. Any chair can serve as a seat, a place to sit. That’s easy. We want your chair to be a comfort – to soothe you after a long day, to be a place to read your favorite book, to be a refuge. I told you we were obsessed.

In addition to high quality upholstered or slipcovered furniture, we also sell one-of-a-kind antiques, repurposed industrial pieces, collections you might never have thought to collect. All of these objects are carefully curated by us from sources sometimes strange and far.

Personally, we are devoted to helping you make your space your own. We want to help, really. It’s our mission, our duty, our raison d’etre.  That might mean helping you choose beautiful bedding or the perfect sofa. It could mean helping you assemble a collection to fill a special spot or pick out a pair of chairs that will change your life. Or maybe you need an antique faucet handle – we have a lot of those. 


Now, here's what we dig :

well made upholstered pieces

beautifully constructed slipcovers

unexpected collections

well worn antiques

stacks of books

doses of humor tucked into a formal room

a coat of paint that’s faded with time

a little dose of rust and dirt

soulful music

sunlight streaming in the window

made in America

antique rugs faded and worn

crackled ironstone